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New Justin Bieber Movie Release in December

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FILM ” Believe 3D ” which tells Justin Bieber ‘s career will be released on 25 December. This is Justin Bieber revealed directly through his twitter account .
Canadian singer posted a teaser of the film , ” Believe 3D ” . ” I keep my word , you make # heartbreaker to # 1 so I owe # filmfridays . Filmfridays This is the first # , the # stache lol , ” Bieber wrote .

This 3D movie highlights the journey from teen pop star Bieber be a mature young singer . ” At the age of 19, Justin is now an adult, ” Usher comments that follow Bieber hone musical skills early in his career .

justin bieber with guitars New Justin Bieber Movie Release in December

justin bieber with guitars

This is not the first documentary film , ” Justin Bieber : Never Say Never ” has ever been released in 2011 . While ” Believe 3D ” , will be screened in cinemas starting December 25, 2013 to come.


Pop singer and R & B , Justin Drew Bieber was born in Strartford , Ontario , Canada , March 1, 1994 . Justin Bieber became a sensation in the United States in 2009 after being discovered by Scooter Braun through video local singing competition ” Stratford Star ” in Ontario , published on YouTube by Justin’s mother in 2007 , where Justin was ranked second .

Scooter Braun , a talent agent and former Executive Marketing company So So Def saw this video and decided to bring Justin Bieber with Usher to audition .

His first single , entitled ” One Time ” , was published simultaneously around the world in 2009 , and was ranked top 30 in more than 10 countries . His first album ” My World ” ( My world ) then followed on 17 November 2009 and received a platinum award in the United States , and became the first singer to have seven songs from the first album the whole managed to rank on the Billboard Hot 100 , a list of notable songs are in vogue .

Justin Bieber’s popularity around the world in a short period of time known as ” Bieber Fever ” ( Fever Bieber ) where the nickname given to fans with an excessive obsession towards Justin Bieber .

Many artists who have ” Bieber Fever ” in which Jennifer Love Hewitt , and Beyonce were warned to be careful by her husband Jay – Z , when photographed with Justin Bieber at the 52nd Grammy awards .

Although known for his voice , but the singer is also capable of playing keyboards , piano , guitar , drums , and even a trumpet , which is entirely taught himself ( self-taught ) .

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